Alaina Vooris is a self-taught emotional painter specializing in abstract expression.

She uses colorful color concepts, textures, acrylic mediums, and the illusion of movement in her paintings to bring to life her vision.

Alaina was accepted into the fine arts program at Sage College of Albany in 2002, during her two years at Sage Alaina studied a vast array of 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional forms of art.

She found a love for photography, ceramics, mixed media painting, and poetry. She chose to focus on abstract expressionistic art because it allows her to portray her inner emotions and bare her soul to the world.

Besides creating her art, Alaina has also spent many years selling her works of art at craft and art fairs throughout the area. She especially likes to choose the events where she’s able to donate to a cause in need. Fairs allow her to spread her love of what she does to so many more people.

Alaina’s enthusiasm for life and her ability to show that in her art draws people to her paintings. All she wishes through this creative journey is when viewers see her art that they can tune into their own emotions and soul within them. When that happens, she feels she’s accomplished everything she’s hoped for.