Abstract Art from the Soul

Moments that make up
Every day life experiences,
turned into Art.

Here, you will find abstract art from the soul.

The moments that make up every day life experiences turned into flowing, energetic, colorful pieces representing abstract landscapes/seascapes. A place to escape to in times of need or joy. Art to hang on your wall as well as wearable art jewelry.

A little sample...

The painting titled "Rising Up"

And that's the perfect name and description for it and how I was feeling when I painted it ☺

I was going through a time where everything just seemed to be going wrong! I needed to look on the bright side and find something good to focus on, so I turned to painting, my emotional outlet and this is what came out! It's a perfect representation of rising up from hard times and finding an outlet from all the negativity ☺

It even almost appears like you are rising up from fire! 💛

The results of last night's painting session!

Rising Up